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April 21, 2024 6:47pm


How to make an interesting travel movie?

A good plan is the basis A good script is the basis of any film production - even your short film editing from the holidays. Of course, most of the shots you'll gather during the journey will be taken spontaneously. After all, you cannot...

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GoPro's betting on spherical cameras. The novelty is the possibility of making 360-degree films and framing an already finished film

Today's sports cameras offer the ability to record in 4K quality with image stabilization or live broadcast. New are spherical cameras, which allow to record video and sound in 360 degrees system. You can shoot with sports cameras on land, in...

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The most common mistakes made by young filmmakers

What mistakes are most often made by young, novice filmmakers? Framing In accordance with the basic principle of photography, framing should be done according to the principle of triple division. This also applies to filming. Of course, in this case the matter is much more difficult...