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April 21, 2024 7:32pm

How to make an interesting travel movie?

A good plan is the basis

A good script is the basis of any film production - even your short film editing from the holidays. Of course, most of the shots you'll gather during the journey will be taken spontaneously. After all, you cannot predict the adventures waiting for you (and very well!). However, before you leave, think about how you want to tell the story of your trip and what shots you will need. Maybe you'll need a nice frame with a sunset at the end or a few seconds with a place-specific building in the background? If you think about everything beforehand, you will not miss the most important moments in the story.

What do you shoot?

You can, of course, use a digital camera, which by itself having more powerful optics than a smartphone, can produce more interesting shots. Sports cameras will also work well during the journey. On the other hand, a phone with a good camera is enough to capture high quality shots and you almost always have it with you. You can start recording at any time, so you can capture special moments for sure.

How to shoot?

First of all, take care of the variety of shots and interesting frames. Each film will be better if its protagonists are specific people. Try to record their reactions, statements, ask them questions. Perhaps one sentence will then be the perfect title for the film?

A very good way to diversify your productions will be to introduce an interesting camera movement, modelled on the shots you can see in professional films. The biggest difference is undoubtedly image stabilization - smooth shots without jitters or sudden changes of direction immediately take your montage to the next level. The easiest way to achieve this effect is by combining a smartphone with an electronic stabiliser such as the gimbal FeiyuTech SPG. This handy device allows you to film on the move, smoothly panorama and record a variety of creative shots.

How to put it together?

The holiday will end someday (unfortunately), but thanks to the above tips, you will probably come back with a lot of interesting material. It will be difficult to avoid the temptation to use them all in a movie. However, if the clip is to be interesting not only for you, you must make a really sharp selection, leaving only the best shots. At the beginning, you can mount in the simplest programs, gradually you will need a bit more powerful tools, but with the first movies, trying to mount with them may only discourage you.

From the very first editing, try to use music that creates the mood and tempo of your production. On the web you will find many pages with songs that can be used for free in home movies. There is also no shortage of travel and editing guides. In search of inspiration it's worth spending some time on YouTube and Vimeo, watching popular travel vloggers or creators associated with outdoor sports. But the best way to learn is to try, and the coming warm months will be a great opportunity to do so!

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