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July 21, 2024 12:23am

How to choose a scooter?

Riding a scooter is not an activity reserved exclusively for toddlers. There are many different types of scooters in the shops, which differ not only in design and details, but also in key technical parameters. How to choose a scooter? What should I look at?

Who's gonna scoot on a scooter?

When buying a scooter, it is essential to choose the one that is appropriate for your age, height and weight. Today you can easily buy not only scooters for children, but also models for young people and adults.

  • Scooters for small children - models for toddlers are very often much smaller than classic scooters and are sometimes made entirely of plastic, they can also be equipped with a third wheel, which improves the stability of the scooter. This type of scooters are not too expensive and in fact it is not worth overpaying because they are only suitable for a few years old and older children can successfully reach for slightly more professional solutions.
  • Scooters for older children and teenagers - sometimes a bit smaller than adult models and have lower maximum load. They are often colourful and very decorative and are characterized by a typically childish or youthful design.
  • Adult scooters - usually bigger and heavier than scooters for older children and young people. They also have a higher maximum load (generally up to 120 kilograms) and their design is no longer childish, but universal.

What driving style will be practiced?

That's what scooter will work best, depends not only on your age but also on your preferred driving style. As far as it is known that the youngest have yet to master any driving technique, young people and adults can ride a scooter on the alleys in the park, and they can also use it on the platform.

  • Recreational scooter - ideal for children and beginners. The design and manufacture of a recreational scooter are suitable for average riding and at the same time are the least expensive solutions.
  • Performance scooter - dedicated to ride on platforms and to perform various tricks and aggressive driving.
  • Transport scooter - ideal for longer distances. Scooters of this type are bigger, longer and more comfortable to ride calmly but quite long. They have larger wheels with better shock absorption.
  • Electric scooter.

What else to look out for when buying a scooter?

Aesthetics, a kind of scooter and maximum load are not all that should be considered when buying. The best scooters are characterized by high quality and good technical parameters. Important issues are also:

  • Wheels (their size and number) - contrary to appearances, not every scooter has two wheels. Some models have a third wheel (usually detachable), which is useful when learning to drive. The vast majority of scooters have wheels with a diameter of up to 120 mm - this solution ensures a comfortable ride, but on very long routes scooters with larger wheels are best suited.
  • Drive - scooters are usually driven by the user's muscles, but there are also numerous electric models that can be recommended mainly to those who ride really long distances on a scooter.
  • Maximum load - this is a key technical issue to look at. Exceeding the maximum load can lead to scooter damage and even to various types of accidents.
  • Brand - it is also worth paying attention to the reputation of the manufacturer, because it proves the quality of the products offered.
  • Price - it is good to set a budget already at the beginning of the search for a scooter, because then you can focus on browsing through the offers that fit in.

Riding a scooter is a real pleasure, a way of interesting outdoor sports activities and an alternative means of transport for children and adults. A well-chosen and properly used scooter can be used by the user for years, so it's worth to contribute to the purchase, compare many offers and only then choose the best scooter for yourself.

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