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July 21, 2024 12:04am

Time for change. 4 things to do this spring

Spring is a period of great change - not only in nature. Longer and warmer days awaken in us a desire to live, but also a desire for change. So this is the perfect time to think about yourself and introduce a small revolution into your life.

Here are 4 examples of spring inspirations that will positively affect our body and soul.

1. firstly, physical activity

I think most of us know how hard it is to wake up from a "winter sleep". Fatigue, depression, weakened immune system are just some of the symptoms of the sun's deficit. However, the arrival of spring and the appearance of warm sunshine can pull many laziness lovers out of bed. During this time it is worth taking care of renewing our body and improving our condition after the winter. Especially since it's getting closer to summer. There are plenty of ways - from yoga (classic or recently popular hot yoga or bikram yoga), walks in parks and forests or bicycle trips with the family, to running and swimming (here you should also think about interesting alternatives such as survival running or aqua fitness). A noteworthy proposal - especially for those who do not want to devote additional budget to sport - are also urban gyms installed in the open air. Animal lovers are also recommended for physical activity with four-legged animals, such as joint walks, jogging or horseback riding. Sport has a positive effect not only on our bodies, but also on our minds. In addition to improving our physical condition and fitness, exertion is anti-depressant, gives us energy and ensures a better mood.

2. spring on a plate

Besides taking care of our bodies from the outside, it is worth taking care of what is inside. Rejecting excessive amounts of sugar and "junk" fast food is the basis of the spring diet. Our plates should have large portions of vegetables and fruit, which we have much better access to this time of year. Watro pay special attention to seasonal superfoods such as chives, parsley, spinach, kale, beets and cranberries. Their consumption will help in the fight against fatigue and solstice, as well as strengthen our immune system, provide an appropriate dose of vitamins and support proper metabolism. - A good way to get rid of toxins from the body is also to eat various types of plant seeds, which contain the power of minerals and vitamins. In spring, it is worth to reach for sunflower seeds, linseed, nigger or sesame - says Arkadiusz Drążek from the Brześć company, which produces puff straw with seeds. - Good eating habits together with regular physical activity will help to prepare our body for summer in a comprehensive way - adds Arkadiusz Drążek.

Developing passion

3. Invest in yourself

When the body is healthy, it's time to feed the spirit. Spring is a good time to invest in yourself and find new interests that can turn into a long-term passion. At the beginning it is worth considering what can make us happy - it can be for example learning to dance, playing an instrument, foreign language lessons or more extreme activities such as diving, sailing or parachute jumping. If we value company, it is also a good idea to find a hobby that we can pursue together with our other half, children or friends. Then plan your daily schedule in such a way as to find at least one hour a day for our new pleasures. Developing our passions or having a hobby has a positive impact not only on our internal development, but also on our well-being. Likewise, fulfilling small whims that we usually don't have time for - e.g. going to the cinema, the theatre, to a concert or meeting with friends is a good way to celebrate spring days. Especially in view of the ever nicer weather, which even encourages people to stay away from home.

4. collect memories

What else can you do this spring to improve your mood and recharge your batteries? Travel! As the weather improves, it is worth betting on short, weekend trips or a slightly longer Mayday holiday away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. A trip to the countryside, to the mountains or to the lake or a foreign escapade to an exotic place is an ideal option for those who want to take a break from their duties and deadlines at work. For those who focus on comfort and relaxation in combination with taking care of their beauty, we recommend trips to the SPA or thermal spa. Hot stone massages, Jacuzzi, sauna - these are just some of the attractions that await you in the thermal baths and resorts. Nature lovers of tranquillity will surely enjoy a trip to the countryside, e.g. to an agritourism farm or to the mountains, where, apart from rest, breathtaking views await. Active holiday enthusiasts who enjoy exploring new cultures and local habits can opt for short, budgeted trips abroad to ensure a sense of adventure. Especially in spring and summer, it is worthwhile to use "escape" as often as possible - at least once, twice a month - to gather a lot of interesting experiences, which we will be able to recall during autumn and winter evenings.