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April 21, 2024 7:34pm

What is talent? Talent or passion?

A passion (hobby, interest) is to have an object that we are happy to deal with, which makes us want to maintain or deepen our contact with it, to gather knowledge about it, to look at it, to listen to it, to read it or to perform many other activities related to it. This object of passion can be any object (postage stamps, CDs with the music of Cult or the history of France) or any kind of activity (growing orchids, cycling or drawing). So, talking about passions is talking about human attitudes, the motives that guide us, our desires and interests.

Passion is not the same as talent. Talent is a concept in the field of ability and efficiency, i.e. qualities that we possess permanently. Talent has an impact on how well we do a given activity compared to others. Of course, we know that more or less efficient doing something (e.g. solving tasks in mathematics or jumping away) also depends on whether and how much experience we have had in a given field before - e.g. how long we have been learning mathematics, how many tasks we have solved so far, or how many hours of jumping training we have behind us.

But we all know that even if ten people undergo the same training or training under the same external conditions (e.g. the same time to solve a task) and they are equally interested in getting a good result, you will still be able to find differences in fitness levels. There will be those who will achieve great results, others will achieve completely average, and unfortunately, some will even achieve poor results. Our diverse abilities are responsible for these differences. Well, the world is not fair. Not everyone can be basketball stars or pen masters.

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So when are we talking about talent?

When we easily get better results in one area than in other areas (and better than other people undertaking this activity), when we have a clear predisposition to deal with it successfully. Psychologists use the term special abilities here, to distinguish it from general abilities or intelligence. Special - because they affect our performance only in a certain field (e.g., mathematics or sport - or even more narrowly: in basketball).

Since ancient times there have been discussions as to where such predispositions come from - we are born with some talent or are subject to certain environmental influences and develop such special abilities and possibilities. The development of science has actually reconciled the supporters of the role of biology and environment. We know today that genetic predispositions will only develop and develop talent if the developing human being is exposed to favourable environmental conditions.

And to think how many potential talents have been wasted and not seen the light of day because of the lack of such conditions... That is why the role of parents and guardians of children is important here, who have the opportunity to notice the child's above-standard skills and support his or her development. Additional activities, play among peers and exercise are also a good way to develop children's talents.