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April 21, 2024 7:31pm

A gentleman's decalogue - clothes that will never go out of fashion

A well-dressed and stylish man does not have to have a dressing room the size of a large living room. Dozens of classic, timeless things and a few extras are enough to create sets that fit the job, for an important meeting, friend's wedding or family party. Clothing is worth treating as a good investment in your image, which sooner or later will pay off.

When planning your shopping, you should consider the goal you want to achieve by building your wardrobe. A new job, a date, or maybe just more self-confidence and a better mood - stylish and occasionally fitting clothes will not ensure success, but they will certainly help you achieve it. Below we present an overview of the classics that have resisted the test of time and will survive various fashions for a dozen or so years.

1. a suit, or preferably two, smooth, without patterns - the most versatile will be the one with a single row jacket, with two buttons, in navy blue. Dark gray or graphite is the second best choice, followed by black or a fine stripe or grille. It is worth noting the weight of the fabric. The best is an average of about 260 grams per metre, which will provide comfort both during the summer and winter.

The sports jacket called odd jacket - differs from a suit jacket in that it is slightly shorter and less formal, so it can have pockets both in and out. A garnet is considered to be the most appropriate and versatile colour. A set with pants in a different colour, e.g. grey, will be a good idea both for a Friday's work break - of course, if the company dress code allows it, and for a weekend outing with friends.

3. chino pants are cotton pants in semi-formal style, not as casual as jeans, but also less elegant than the woolen ones in the cut. They gained popularity in the second half of the 20th century thanks to students of elite American universities, for whom they were part of the university's uniform. They were quickly taken over by peers from other social groups and became a permanent feature of male fashion. Chinos can be found in almost all colours and shades, but beige and navy blue are considered to be the classic and most universal.

4. oxford shoes with overlapping nose, preferably in black. If you prefer an elegant style, this type of shoe will basically be as versatile as a navy blue suit. The closed seam (a fragment of the upper with laces), gently rounded tip and slender hoof make them suitable for a lavish ball, wedding or important business meeting. Carefully groomed, they'll always look good.

5. derby shoes are less formal than oxfords, but are strongly recommended for everyday suits and coordinated sets. They differ in the fact that they have an open suture. The most universal will be the black and brown derby.

6) White shirt - the absolute minimum is a few cotton shirts (necessarily long-sleeved - in formal men's clothing the concept of a short-sleeved shirt does not exist), at least two of which should be white. One of them can be with a button cuff, the other, more elegant, for pins. Your wardrobe should also include a light blue shirt - these two colours will match most clothes. The most suitable fabric for a formal shirt will be poplin, i.e. fabric with a linen, fine weave and twill, a slightly thicker fabric with an oblique weave.

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7th Coat - the most elegant will be a classic diplomat, fastened with three or four buttons, in navy blue, black or grey herringbone. It is important that the coat covers the jacket, while reaching as far as possible to the knees. In spring and summer the diplomat can be replaced by a classic trench coat.

8th Husky jacket - exceptionally stylish and universal jacket with recognizable quilting in the shape of squares or rhombuses on the whole surface. Its characteristic elements will also include two slits at the back, tension or button fasteners and a collar. Husky jackets are sewn from synthetic material, so they do not crumple and are practical in storage and travel. The classic colours will be green, navy blue and brown. This jacket used to bring to mind an atmosphere of British countryside and elite sports such as horse riding. Nowadays, it is a very popular and even obligatory element of the urban semi-formal style.

9. tie - at least one. It is worth remembering that its width corresponds to the width of the suit's flaps. The most classic will be silk ties. Darker and without patterns or with a very discreet pattern will be much more formal. Wool, cotton or knitted ties have a lower degree of formality.

10. silk or linen tissue - a small decorative handkerchief which is put into the furrow of the jacket. For many years it was a forgotten element of the male style, now it is experiencing its renaissance and there are many indications that it will remain in the canon of elegance for good. The classic is a linen or silk pillowcase in white or light blue.

The above list does not exhaust all possibilities of elegant men's clothing, but it is a basis that will not change for many years to come. Colour variations can be applied to other elements of the wardrobe, as can be seen from the example of socks. However, classic suits, jackets or trousers can last for years, provided that you choose the right quality of clothing that fits your figure.