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May 19, 2024 1:07pm

Efficiency and extraordinary Retargeting potential

Even though 112.5 billion emails are sent out daily in the business world, this treatment has been severely neglected for a long time. The acquisition of mass unwanted spam by the recipients has made the e-mail comparable to marketing treatments in the field of AdWords, Social Media & Co. However, Symantec Intelligence Report proves that in June - for the first time since 2003 - the results of spam did not exceed 50%. Remintrex's CEO Florian Werner explains why the mailing and especially Retargeting has finally become profitable.

Convincing, hard facts

The number of e-mail users in marketing is unbeatable, even though this way of communication has been forgotten for some time. Why? Because whether it's facebook or online - practically every registration requires an email address. With more than 4 billion accounts worldwide, there is no consumer who could complete the registration without giving their e-mail. Mailing remains number one, generating 6 billion clicks a day, 20 times as many as Google.

Effective insight into customer history

Thanks to cookies and location, personalization has never been so easy. Combining basic data with the client's history allows you to send messages at the right time, e.g. when the user is browsing the mail. Current comparisons of Remintrex clearly show that personalization of a ReTargeting message is received in a very positive way, as opposed to such common anonymous mailings.

E-mail as a companion for independent devices

Even the very behaviour of users supports the development of e-mailing, as e-mail is an integral part of everyday work and use of Internet resources. In social media we see a constant influx of new applications and services, while e-mails remain the same. Whether it's a computer, smartphone, tablet or SmartWatch, email is a faithful companion to all these devices.

Sending and receiving e-mails

E-mail still effective and cost-effective

Based on the Internet usage history of individual users, emailing remains the best tool to reach the recipient at the perfect time. All content, distribution plans as well as time can be individually planned or assigned to a specific customer. This allows the sender of the message to easily and therefore automatically send offers or single coupons to encourage purchase. ReTargeting is a fantastic tool especially when potential customers appear on the site for the first time or leave it with an "empty basket".

Exceptional message quality and content

The form of content of e-mails sent in Poland is very modest and leaves much to be desired. Usually the design of an e-mail sent to customers is in the form of a single picture without text or with a very short password, which is perceived as a typical advertisement and not an interesting form of communication. As a result, recipients do not click on the message and quickly delete the unwanted e-mail. The tools used by Remintrex build communication with the customer based on a concise and substantive characteristics of the product or service content. The primary purpose of the methods used is to take care of the quality of e-mailing, original content and maximize the number of messages read.

The perfect tool for segmenting new customers

The potential to gain new customers through e-mail channels is strongly underestimated by marketers. The majority of the campaigns continue to be performed on current users who are constantly visiting the site. Where is the problem? Only 3% of the visitors are registered. The remaining 97% are anonymous users because they have neither registered nor made any purchases. E-mail ReTargeting allows retailers to contact anonymous users, which allows up to 20% more potential customers! During a simple and free registration you agree to receive ReTargeting messages and to verify your data. In this way the channel becomes the best tool to shed light on visitors. Sooner or later this method will allow for a coverage of up to 100% in the target group.