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February 23, 2024 11:15pm

Free applications for image processing. Which one to choose?

You can take really beautiful pictures with your smartphone. Many free applications are available for their additional processing. They will make shooting even more enjoyable and make your holiday photos professional and original. Here are the 3 best we think are.

Most modern smartphones have high quality cameras built in, which give you the opportunity to take pictures at a very good level. Photos taken with such a phone often do not need additional processing. But all you have to do is use a special application to make ordinary photos a wonderful and original memory. Experts from the service with photos and opinions about hotels have chosen 3 applications that are the most remarkable.


Google's free Snapseed application is available for both Android and iOS users. The program does not have an integrated camera, so you first need to take a picture with the camera on your phone to be able to process it. The user has virtually unlimited possibilities of image editing. Numerous high quality filters and effects, such as intensity, saturation or brightness of colors, give each photo a unique character. The application also provides the possibility of standard photo editing. The tools allow you to correct, among other things, white balance, contrast, vignetting, sharpness, image size, and insert text into the image. The user can compare the end result with the original version of the photograph. All changes are automatically saved, but you can undo the changes at any time. Finished images can be saved or exported as JPG files.

Application to rotate photos


The Prisma application is one of the biggest hits among mobile applications in 2016. Dedicated initially to iOS users, it is now also available on Android. Many people liked the program. Everyone who likes artistic alterations, giving the photos a completely new look, will certainly find something for themselves in the application. Paradoxically, the problem may be that there is too much choice in terms of processing options. Users can change their photo to look like the work of one of the famous painters. Will Chagall or Picasso be better for transforming the holiday self? Or maybe you'd better try Van Gogh for a landscape photo? The application does not apply the filter selected by the user to the photo, but produces a completely new one, according to the selected theme. The results of the changes can surprise anyone and the photographs become real works of art.


The VSCO application is a combination of camera operation and image processing. You can also log in to join the VSCO community, but this is not obligatory. The program may look a bit like Instagram, but it has many more interesting solutions. Many Instagram users publish their images after processing in VSCO. In the basic version, the program is free and available for both Android and iOS users. But you have to pay for additional filters. Prices range from 3 PLN for a single effect to 20 PLN for the whole package.

Most of us like to brag about the beautiful pictures. We like to upload them to the web - social networking sites or websites with photos and opinions. We take pictures most willingly on holidays and vacations, when we are relaxed, tanned, beautifully looking and staying in interesting places. It is worthwhile to stop such moments in the form of original photos, which we can create ourselves with the help of free applications.