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April 21, 2024 8:33pm

Is it worthwhile to get anti-reflective glasses? When is it necessary?

You spend long hours in front of your monitor every day? You often have a problem with burning and sore eyes and you get the impression that your eyesight is getting worse. This may be due primarily to the simple fact that your eyes are tired. You will be able to protect your eyesight from damage by getting anti-reflective glasses.

How do anti-reflective glasses work for a computer?

Anti-reflective glasses work so that they reflect harmful reflections emitted by the monitor screens. They should also be equipped with a Blue Control system to protect against the harmful effects of blue light. We sometimes spend more than 8 hours at the computer, while our eyes are very close to the monitor. This exposes the so-called "dry eye syndrome". We are exposed to this condition especially when we forget to blink systematically. As a result, your eyes become dry and reddish and you start to feel pain.

Does it make sense to buy a pair of glasses?

Before you decide to buy anti-reflex glasses, you should go to an ophthalmologist to examine your eyesight. If he finds you to be short-sighted, then the anti-reflexes should be selected according to the degree of severity of the defect. However, if you can see well, then you can opt for the anti-reflective glasses of the kindergarten. Their task is not to correct abnormal vision, but only to protect vision from harmful light reflections.

The choice of glasses for the computer should be adjusted in terms of the design of the frames. Their assumption does not necessarily take away your personal charm, but often the effect is surprisingly positive. Anti-reflection glasses are fashionable today - by wearing them you will build the image of a person who can take care of his or her eyes.

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What is worth remembering apart from buying anti-reflective glasses?

In order to effectively protect your eyes, you should first of all take care of the correct working habits. Remember to take regular breaks - preferably a few minutes every hour. In the meantime, close your eyes for longer and try to relax. Then look out of the window to improve the accomodation of your eyes. Don't forget to blink frequently - reminders in the form of stickers on the monitor may be helpful for this purpose. It is also a good idea to use moisturising eye drops, which reduce the risk of dry eye syndrome.

You can also try a workout called eye yoga. This is a set of exercises, developed by Dr. Bates. They consist of alternating eye movements, as well as putting the eyes and the whole body in a state of relaxation. Also, remember about a diet that promotes good vision. It should be primarily rich in vegetables and fruits, which are a source of lutein.

So don't neglect your eyesight by spending many hours every day in front of the monitor screen. Effective protection is provided by anti-reflection glasses for your computer, as well as by following the rules of ergonomic work.