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July 20, 2024 11:09pm

Your own photographic studio

The photographic studio gives you the opportunity to realize an unlimited number of ideas for impressive and very interesting photos. It also allows the development and understanding of the law that governs photography. Until recently, the own photographic studio was only the domain of professional photographers. A big obstacle waiting for amateurs was the access to specific tools and their price.

Even the basic equipment was completely out of range. Now the situation has changed. Radio triggers, studio flashes, lighting modifiers and other photographic accessories are available more widely and are very popular.

Studio photography is one of the more demanding fields. Preparing a studio session requires a lot of commitment. Organize the model or model, prepare the styling, makeup lighting and many other important elements. As much work awaits us on the product session as on the portrait session.

The biggest obstacle is still the cost. In addition to the organisational issue, it is still expensive to provide the right room and lighting. Studio lighting is crucial.

Does everything have to cost so much?

Fortunately, technical progress has made it possible to minimise the price barrier. First of all, studio equipment is now at an acceptable price. Some manufacturers have released lighting equipment to the market that is quite amateurish. When we can find a room in the right size, we can arrange a real studio.

Photo studio equipment

Start with the simple variant. We need to focus on building a small portrait studio. A good portrait is not the same as a photo for documents. The portrait photo is intended to bring out the character of the person on it.

Equipment in the photographic studio

This effect is made possible by the right styling. The first technical choice is the choice of a specific equipment. We need to know whether we're betting on flash or continuous light. Both the first and second choice have their advantages and disadvantages. In order to make a choice you have to be aware of the fundamental differences. Studio flashes allow you to use a wide range of lighting and their modifiers. Flashing light and using it requires more experience and knowledge. Continuous lighting is easier. Additionally, it allows you to see how our scene is illuminated from time to time.

When we consider studio flashes we need to know that the basic model will cost us about 250 PLN. Naturally, we can look for cheaper models. When we find some bargain auctions on the Internet, sometimes "bargain" will not really work. It's best to get acquainted with the offer of a good photo shop. If we are dealing with a good manufacturer, our kit will be expandable in the future.

Another very important element is the softbox. This is a modifier that is highly valued in portrait photography. It comes in very different variants. We start with the basic ones and then we start with the more complicated ones. The way the softbox works is very simple. The light, which is reflected from the inner walls, comes out directly through the white diffuser, only in one direction. This allows you to light up the scene very precisely and get soft and gentle lighting.

Another very important thing is to trigger the flashes. The cheapest way is to use the cable that is connected to the socket synchronization. A better idea is a radio trigger. Not only does it allow to trigger several lamps at the same time, but also none of the wires will restrict our movements. We will spend about a hundred zloty on a universal and inexpensive trigger. But we must remember about the lighting tripod. This, in turn, costs about 75 PLN. When we sum up everything, the cost of the lighting set will exceed a little over 800 PLN. We can always extend our set.

The total cost of the basic studio set will not exceed one thousand PLN.