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February 24, 2024 12:32am

How to take product photos that sell?

The advantage of stationary shops over the Internet is the possibility for the customer to touch the sold item and see it thoroughly from all sides. The task of product photography is to minimize this dominance. This also applies to catalogues, posters, leaflets and all other items where it is not possible to see the item sold personally. Photos of this type are very important because their quality depends on whether the buyer is interested in a given offer or not.

A photography worth millions, or qualities of good product photography

Good product photography should be an eye-catcher for the buyer. It is characterized by high quality and realistic shot. The picture should not be heavily exaggerated in order not to create a false image of the product being sold. The concept of photography must be in line with the preferences of the target group. Lighting plays an extremely important role. This is a key element of accurate, sharp photography. Sometimes it is worth to bet on an innovative convention. Nowadays, when we are torpedoed by advertisements from all sides, text has much less power than a picture. More than 90% of buyers make their purchasing decisions based on interesting, appetizing photos. Customers buy using their sense of sight, so it is very important to stand out from the competition. Unusual approach to the subject can be helpful here.

Do I need product photography for my company?

Surely, many of you running a business are wondering whether to take product photographs by yourself and thus save money, or whether to outsource the task to a professional. The answer is very simple. If you have never taken such pictures, it is worth to entrust it to someone who takes product pictures professionally. Amateur photos in the company's offer are only apparent savings. Behind product photography there is a very long process of preparation of each photo - analysis of the object, market, frame, preparation of the plan, finally taking photos, and finally processing the photos and adapting them for printing or publication. By entrusting the task to experts, you can be sure that the photos will be taken at the highest level, with proper observance of all relevant guidelines. And as we mentioned earlier, a good picture has great power and it will certainly have a positive impact on your company's future profits.

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