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July 21, 2024 12:05am

More and more photographers are choosing mirrorless cameras

The digital camera market is changing rapidly. On the one hand, the sales of cameras are falling due to the growing popularity of smartphones, on the other hand, more expensive, more advanced equipment is gaining in popularity. The sales of system mirrorless cameras are also growing - a new category of photographic equipment that has only been gaining popularity for several years.

- Canon offers applications in three camera segments. The first are compact cameras, which represent a large part of the market, the second are system cameras, popularly known as mirrorless cameras, the third segment are popular SLR cameras, i.e. more professional cameras, adapted to special tasks," says Marcin Nocoń, from Canon Polska, news agency Newseria Innowacje.

Mobility is one of the most important features of using photographic equipment outside a professional studio. The compact cameras guarantee lightness and ergonomics, high comfort of use and comfortable movement with the equipment. On the other hand, it is this category of photographic equipment that is most vulnerable to declines in sales due to the replacement of photographic modules built into smartphones. However, the top structures of the premium segment defend themselves.

- Compact cameras are very portable, without replaceable optics, they are currently being replaced by smartphones, however, in the premium segment, they are solutions that are far superior to smartphones - claims Marcin Nocoń.

The expert adds that SLR cameras are solutions dedicated to professionals and advanced amateurs. Canon offers over 70 different types of lenses. And yet it is not SLR cameras, but mirrorless cameras that have developed the fastest in recent years. These are cameras that allow - just like SLR cameras - to replace the lens, but without the mirror hidden inside the body. Thanks to this, their size and weight can be smaller, which is conducive to their use in tourist photography.

- The most popular segment of increasing value is the segment of mirrorless cameras, system cameras. The market is growing, with the cannibalisation of compact cameras, the value of the market is shifting towards mirrorless. The SLR camera market, in turn, is a stable market - explains Marcin Nocoń.

Other important features are versatility and performance. In this respect, SLR cameras are second to none.

Popular mirrorless cameras

- The target group of professionals will always choose mirror cameras because of the ergonomics and the number of photos taken. We have more than 70 different lenses for these cameras, which are adapted to the respective purposes," Marcin Nocoń points out.

Among advanced users, many decide to add a backup camera to their equipment base. People who used to have an SLR camera reach for a mirrorless camera. Therefore, according to the expert, these two segments complement each other perfectly.

- For mirrorless cameras, Canon has 7 lenses plus an attachment that allows you to use a range of lenses suitable for SLR cameras. The mirrorless cameras are a good solution if we do not need access to large focal lengths - explains Marcin Nocoń.

The last aspect to pay attention to is price. In principle, the more expensive the equipment, the better the quality. Experts believe that the choice should take into account older models of instruments, whose price has drastically decreased over the years. Today, it is easier to choose a camera that will provide the ideal value for money and will be tailored to our preferences.

- A DSLR is definitely a camera for people who like to play with photography, take pictures of nature or sports, where you need a large focal length to take pictures from a distance. A mirror-less vehicle is a good proposal for amateurs and advanced amateurs to take a camera on holiday, tell an interesting story in good quality," concludes Marcin Nocoń.