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May 19, 2024 2:11pm

Taking pictures - smartphone or tablet?

Many will consider it a real comedy, others will even consider it heresy, but yes, with a tablet you can take good quality pictures, often comparable to those taken with a mobile phone. Is that convenient? It's a purely individual matter.

For many years now, smartphones have been perceived as multimedia first-needs devices. The basic functions related to answering phone calls or text messages have long been only the background. With the phone we can take pictures, make movies, use the Internet connection, plan the day, map routes using GPS navigation, make purchases, work, play and many, many other things not related to the standard purpose of the device, which is the phone.

The smartphone is also very often treated as an extended camera, especially the latest models, which guarantee at least a decent quality of pictures. There is a reason why there are competitions for the best photo taken by phone. Using a smartphone is easy and not very engaging. We always have it in our pocket, so we can capture all kinds of events happening before our eyes at any time. Can a tablet play a similar role?

The issue of equipment

Many of you will probably find taking pictures with a tablet to be at least idiotic. This is because it is a device of much larger size than a standard mobile phone, so using it in this way turns out to be very inconvenient. Before we measure the object we are interested in and prepare to press the button, our hands will start to tremble because of too much weight. Swiping a clumsy tablet is not the most enjoyable activity.

However, many models have not only a front camera for video calls, but also one or two rear cameras. What are they for? Just for taking pictures.

At this point it is worth noting the dynamic development of tablets available on the market. They are becoming lighter and more comfortable to use. All this makes taking a quick photo as easy as many people think.

Important limitations

Of course, it's not that tablets are made for taking pictures. It often looks the opposite. This is all because manufacturers still treat the devices as one of the many additives that are installed in the devices in question.

Most importantly, however, these instruments are rarely of good quality. In the case of a device for about 500 PLN we can count on a camera with a resolution of only 5 MPix, while in smartphones for a similar price the value is often twice as high. All this of course makes the pictures taken with the tablet not always as pretty as we would like them to be.

There is also the issue of the device matrix. Low and medium quality models are equipped with glossy TFT dies. They only guarantee a decent quality of the generated image, and the lack of matt coating makes it impossible to operate the device in the sun.

Therefore, if we want to take pictures with a tablet, we should opt for high quality devices. This is because they guarantee the use of really decent cameras, thanks to which the quality of the photos taken is similar to that of smartphones.

What is most important, however, is that they have very decent matrices, thanks to which operating the device is comfortable in all conditions.

Is the tablet suitable for taking pictures?

To sum up, even medium-quality smartphones will perform much better when taking pictures on a daily basis. As far as tablets are concerned, this function is only an accessory, but it is worth using it, especially if you have a decent quality device.

Remember that not every tablet is heavy and clumsy. You can easily find models with ergonomic shapes and compact dimensions - just look for them.

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