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July 20, 2024 11:46pm

The best lens for the beginner photographer

When we buy our first digital SLR camera, we usually choose the set of the camera itself and the lens included in the set. It's called this body + putty set. After such a purchase, we are very satisfied. We take a lot of pictures and enjoy the new equipment.

But there comes a time when we expect more. We're starting to miss something. We want our pictures to be even better. It turns out that the lens that was attached to the camera is too dark. In addition, we can't get the depth of field and the background blur effect.

What is putty objects?

A putty lens is a lens that is attached to a digital SLR camera by the manufacturer. Mostly its focal length is between 18-105 mm. The focal length range gives you the ability to take wide shots and is also suitable for shooting beautiful landscapes. Narrow frames also come into play. The putty lens is pretty dark and we don't get any depth of field before we get it. Photographs don't look too good. It's similar when we're short of light. With a putty lens we can't take good pictures in low light conditions. In this case, we need to extend the exposure time or increase the so-called ISO value.

What lens is a replacement for a kitty?

There are a large number of different lenses on the market. Most of them cost a lot. We understand perfectly well that for a beginner photographer an expense between two and five thousand zlotys for a lens is a lot. So let's focus on those cheaper and decent lenses. These will mostly be fixed focal length lenses. These are lenses that have one focal length and do not allow for zooming in under any circumstances.

Lens selection

Additionally, they have a large aperture. So they're clear. We will also try to show some kind of alternative to a putty lens in the form of zooms with a specific light f/2.8. It is up to you to decide which lens you choose.

Replacement of a bright putty lens in the Nikon system:

Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 is the ideal glass for replacing a putty lens. It's a zoom. It has a similar focal range to most putty lenses. Constant light, however, allows us to do much more. Glass will be perfect for portraits, landscapes, reportage photography or for everyday use. It is a lens that is chosen by beginner wedding photographers. There is also a newer version on the market, which is a bit more expensive.

Nikkor 35 mm f/1.0 is standard and basic glass. 35 mm is considered the basic total focal length. It will work well in everyday, general and reporter's use. This is the focal length in the middle of the focal range. Most putty lenses do. We can very easily see if this focal length fits us. The right light allows us to achieve a shallow depth of field as well as a pleasant bokehu. This lens draws very nice, and it is also very difficult to find bigger flaws. Nikkor is a lens that is designed for APS-C format sensors. He's doing great in a full cage. And Nikkor AF is another lens with a cult focal length. It was once considered ideal for portraits. It will work for a total amateur as well as for a professional photographer. So it's kind of universal. As you can see, photography is a complicated field.