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July 20, 2024 11:56pm

The most interesting accessories for macrophotography

Macrophotography is something you can do without buying special accessories. This is especially true when you take pictures with a smartphone or a compass. However, it is impossible to hide the fact that the best effect is achieved when you use such accessories. So what can you buy to develop your passion?

Macro lenses and converters

The cheapest and easiest method that will introduce us to the world of macro is certainly to buy macro lenses. This is nothing more than optical caps that have different focusing properties from +1 to even +10 dioptres. The higher the value, the greater the magnifying effect you are dealing with. You can combine the lenses, then you add up their capabilities. It also adds up their flaws. Magnifying lenses are able to introduce various distortions and aberrations that are most common at the edges of the frame.

If you don't want to let this happen and minimize the defects as much as possible, then it is best to invest in a product that is a bit more expensive, but is of much higher quality - a macro converter. Unlike magnifying lenses, such a converter has several interconnected optical elements, which corrects each other's defects, exactly as is the case with a lens. With macro converters and zoom lenses, you can achieve really high magnification. However, it will be paid for by a small depth of focus. Mount the lenses on the lens exactly like the optical filters.

Accessories and accessories for the photographer

Smartphone optical accessories

Also for smartphones you can buy caps specially designed for macro photography. Most accessories can be found for the iPhone, but you can also get products that are designed for other smartphones and universal accessories. You don't have to spend a lot of money to create a magnifying effect on a photo that is taken with a smartphone. Branded accessories can be replaced by a handmade replacement - just like the door viewfinder lens, which can be bought in construction stores for a penny.

Stand or other support

It's impossible to hide - there are situations where it is better to take pictures from your hand, there are also situations where a tripod is very useful. This is the case, for example, when the photographer wants maximum focus and there is a lack of light. With the support, you can avoid starting up and, if necessary, keep the frame.

When buying a tripod it is worth considering a model that has a 3D head. It allows each plane to be adjusted separately. Also worth considering are the tripods, which have elastic legs, so you can place the camera in really almost any place. Tripods of this kind are also available for compact, smartphones and SLR cameras. However, when it comes to a smartphone, another clip holder is needed to mount it on a tripod. A bag filled with peas or sand can also be used for this purpose.

Additional lighting

It is best to use a special lamp designed for macro photography, because the flash has too much light, which also falls at the wrong angle. Then the picture is ugly and badly lit.