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July 21, 2024 12:57am

We select the image

Paintings have been the most popular wall decorations for years. Nowadays, many different kinds of techniques are hidden under the concept of images. From classic painting to reproductions and metal posters. How to choose the right image? What should I look at?

Picture to the living room.

The living room is a representative place in every apartment. The paintings for the living room have to emphasize its style and add chic. Their selection should be carefully thought out. Before we choose the right decoration, we need to determine what aesthetics will be appropriate for the whole arrangement.

  • Classical style - traditional paintings painted on canvas will perfectly fit in here. An image requires a suitable frame made of wood or metal. The themes are portraits, still life, landscapes.
  • Modern style - prints on canvas, displate posters, cubist painting, wall lettering. We have a wide range of choices here. If the frames, it's simple in construction, without decoration or gold plating.
  • Scandinavian style - illuminated images, in black and white, without blatant colors.
  • Retro style - classic painting or reproductions with idyllic themes, genre scenes, still life.

What do you pay attention to when choosing a painting for your living room?

The store expert advises to adjust the image size to the available space. In a small living room, a big picture will be unfavourable. It will overwhelm the interior instead of decorating it. A large living room offers the possibility of hanging a larger decoration or a composition consisting of several smaller ones. A small image placed on a large, empty wall will be hardly visible and unattractive. It is worth paying attention to the color scheme of the picture, so that it matches other elements of the decor. Usually we hang a picture over cabinets or a sofa. We have to remember that every person who visits us will see him. Therefore, his subject matter, although it may be about family and feelings, should take this into account. Bold genre scenes or subtitles reflecting our views are better hung in other rooms.

Paintings for the kitchen.

The kitchen aesthetics are different from the living room, but the walls can also be decorated here. Wall decorations can make your kitchen cosy and elegant. How to choose the right image for your kitchen?

  • Topics

The room where we cook and eat our meals automatically imposes a culinary theme. The paintings depicting food, fruit and grocery shopping will fit perfectly. Topics related to drinking coffee or tea will fit perfectly in the kitchen. Also trendy are inscriptions encouraging to eat, talking about family. These may be quotes or proverbs. The flowers are universal.

  • Aesthetics.

A painting hanging in the kitchen should fit in with its aesthetics. In the modern kitchen, pictures with inscriptions, metal posters, frame posters will blend in beautifully. In the white kitchen, the attention will be drawn to the white black picture. Industrial interiors will like contrasting images on canvas.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing a painting for the kitchen?

The kitchen is where we cook and prepare the food. Images here are exposed to steam, higher humidity and even splashing. That's why it's worth thinking about putting paintings behind glass. Displate posters are a good solution because they are resistant to the conditions in the kitchen. Paintings made on canvas, wood, reproductions, etc. should be hung away from kitchens and sinks. There are many different kinds of items in the kitchen, so it is easy to overload the interior. The image has to be adapted in size and placed in a free space so that it is ornamental and eye-catching. Too big will overwhelm the room.

The current fashion allows to use different kinds of images in any space. We have a variety of techniques to choose from. For little money, we can make ourselves a small piece of contemporary applied art, such as a displate poster. The paintings enliven the interior and add style. Let's choose them according to our own taste. An anglers will feel better with a landscape with a lake on the wall than with an ancient painting. The images are meant to express our tastes. Their task is to beautify our living room or kitchen and make us enjoy the view.

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