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July 20, 2024 11:15pm

ABC of selling photos on a photo stock

In the era of growing demand for visual content, it is worthwhile to start earning money on the photographic hobby, especially since, thanks to modern market solutions, it does not involve investment in expensive equipment.

The growing popularity of social networking sites, especially those based solely on visual communication, certainly contributes to a kind of renaissance of photography. Thanks to many applications that make it easier to take or process photos on a smartphone, each of us can express reality in digital shots in his or her own way. - With more than 250,000 suppliers from all over the world, Fotolia's image bank already has over 30 million files.

They are both professionals and amateurs who make money by pursuing their photographic passion. In order to meet customers' expectations and trends in photography, our service has made available a free application for Fotolia Instant smartphones, which makes it even easier to earn money on photos - says Beata Jaroszewska, Country Manager of Fotolia for Poland. How do you start selling your photos and what do you need to pay attention to in order to be successful in the stock industry?

The first camera...

We should think about what kind of pictures we want to take, will they be landscapes, specific situational scenes, portraits or maybe a typical studio photography? - In order to meet the requirements of image banks, it is worth investing in a camera with a minimum APS-C format sensor and at least one good quality lens - advises Tomasz Tulik, one of the most recognized Polish suppliers of Fotolia. We select this one depending on the conditions in which we want to take pictures. Another for photos taken under artificial lighting or in the studio, another for outdoor photos.

2. ...or a smartphone

Nowadays, even the best photographers admit that it is more convenient to take pictures with a smartphone that everyone always has with them, and the Fotolia photo bank has the answer to this trend - Fotolia Instant. This is a special application developed by Fotolia specialists, which is available free of charge for both Android and iOS phones. Fotolia Instant is an application created for spontaneous photography, where the greatest chance is given to photos which capture this specific "mood of the moment" in moments spent with family or friends, and which match such key words as: happiness, fun, rest, travel, youth. Thanks to the application, the process of processing and transferring photos is simple, intuitive and effective, because everything is done from the smartphone.

Image processing

3. an idea for yourself

Only interesting, original and well-made pictures have a chance to achieve real success on a photo stock. That's why it's so important to have an idea for the picture. It is worth considering the subject matter we want to specialize in, what we want to talk about with photography - remember that interesting pictures will always find buyers. It is also a good idea to follow photographic trends or current events in the world, because frames illustrating changing reality are always at a price. Another interesting alternative is to develop our own distinctive style, which will allow us to stand out from other suppliers and attract potential buyers.

4. make friends with machining programs

Stock photography is governed by its laws and differs from the traditional one. Therefore, it is worth knowing the basic programs that will help us in more or less invasive graphic processing of photos. If we only think of photography, we will certainly need to know the elementary functions in terms of focusing, lighting or colouring. However, we should remember that for intensive post-production or more demanding activities such as combining graphic elements with a photo, a solid knowledge of the editor is essential. - One should follow the rule that the more refined the session, lighting or make-up of the model, the less robots will be later on with the processing of ready-made photographs - says Konrad Bąk, whose photographs are very popular at Fotolia.

5. learn the rules and criteria of the photo bank

Each photo submitted to Fotolia is evaluated for its merit, quality and technical requirements by a professional editorial team. Successful verification makes the image appear in the Fotolia database, and the author starts to make money on it, receiving a commission for every image sold. This business model provides beneficial solutions for photographers and buyers alike. Protecting copyrights and generating commission for artists, Fotolia offers high quality images at affordable prices for every buyer.