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April 21, 2024 7:07pm

How to make bokeh in any shape?

In the previous article, "How to make the most beautiful bokeh? Easy way'; you gotta find out what bokeh is. However, if you dream of achieving an even more incredible, unconventional effect, you may be tempted to create your own lens caps.

What do you gain?

n-Genial bokeh in the shape of hearts, stars or whatever you want - it's up to you! Let her carry you. 

What do you need?

A sheet of paper, preferably technical, scissors (or a paper cutter, a razor blade will also work well), tape or glue, a pencil, and a lens, again as bright as possible - the best aperture proposed is definitely f/1.8, but a larger one will also work well. You'll also need Christmas tree lights - it's best to practice on them at home. 

How to make bokeh in any shape?

{pos(192,210)}Start by drawing a paper circle from the lens. Draw a shape of your choice in the middle of it - there is a lot of freedom. Additionally, in four places (on the sides, top and bottom) paint four squares to your circle, which will stick to it. Ready? Cut out your work. Simple, right? Well, now, look out, because it's time for the hoop! Cut a 2 cm thick and 20 cm long strip from the card, then wrap it around your lens, make sure the length of the strip is right and glue it in the right place to fit. Quickly grasp the wheel you have prepared in your hand, bend the squares you have drawn to it and use them to fix it to the rim.

What now? Just put the cap on the lens and start taking pictures, and then start enjoying the magical effects!