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May 19, 2024 1:08pm

How will an office stapler get you out of an avalanche of paper?

An office stapler is an inconspicuous object that makes everyday work easier and helps to keep documents in order. If hundreds of prints go through your hands every day, you certainly know how important it is to have a comfortable model.

Office goods manufacturers offer many solutions to improve the tedious process of stapling large stacks of sheets of paper, to save your strength for something more important than pressing staples into paper. Nowadays, offices can choose between electric staplers, scissors, with the option to punch and expand at the same time. Let's take a look at how these models differ from each other and whether it is worth spending more than a few zlotys on such an item.

Ordinary plastic stapler with unusual colours

For home use, all you need is the simplest stapler that can easily fit into a drawer. The choice is huge and with the current multitude of colors and shapes you are sure to find the model for you. If the documents you're clipping aren't serious official journals, maybe it's worth getting a funny stapler with colorful staples?

office stapler

Scissor staplers

These are manual articles that are much stronger than ordinary office staplers. They'll make you put many cards together at once. Their shape is well-fitted to the hand so that they are comfortable to use. Most often they are quite heavy and have a long lever, so they are unlikely to be an object that can be easily transferred between different workplaces.

Electric staplers

If your company has endless piles of archive paper on its employees' desks every day, think about buying an electrical stapler. It will help to sew together dozens of sheets of paper at a time, and in addition, it can show on the display how many staples are left in the magazine. It is a very convenient solution to control the frequency of ordering office supplies. Some advanced models are equipped with flat stapling, which helps to reduce the thickness of documents, which is very useful with massive volumes piling up in the archive.

Office staplers with additional options

Many of the more expensive office staplers are enhanced with a punching and document extension function. Especially the latter option is very convenient and useful in a company where documents often change and need to be accompanied by further annexes. The most advanced models have a system of LEDs that allows you to precisely determine where your documents are going. This is important when working with original prints that are only in one copy, which must be legible, and their clipping must be well aimed at the first time. If you are looking for a very versatile article, you can choose an upholstery stapler, which can also be useful in office work.

No matter what type of office stapler you choose for your business, remember to check the availability and versatility of staples. If you don't have anything to fill the magazine with, because nothing fits and eventually you pin all your documents with plastic clips, then even the most modern model will turn out to be wrong. It is also worth thinking about buying various colours and shapes, so that office supplies do not confuse employees. It is not just a matter of diversifying the equipment and introducing a pleasant variety of colours. Different models will also help to avoid trivial arguments about who picked up the stapler this time...

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