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July 21, 2024 12:55am

Paper guillotine - a useful device in any office

Equipping an office can seem like a very simple matter. However, you really have to remember about the many accessories that make it very easy for your employees to perform their tasks. Every smaller or larger company will need pens, markers, binders, folders and binders to organize and archive documents. Also important are printers, scanners, shredders for outdated documents. Sometimes we forget about one very important instrument, which also improves the quality of work of the employees. It's a paper guillotine.

What is a paper guillotine?

The word guillotine of most people will be associated with the device that was created during the French Revolution. It was used to cut heads off. Nowadays, nobody seems to use this device, but in many offices we find a paper guillotine. It is a popular device with which we can easily cut more paper sheets. You no longer need to cut individual sheets with scissors, which is very labour-intensive. In most cases they consist of a sharp blade connected to a lever. The device allows you to cut a larger file of sheets of paper in one movement, with the paper being even, without jagged edges.

what a guillotine is

What to pay attention to when choosing a paper guillotine?

Individual models may differ in certain parameters. First of all, we need to pay attention to the size of the paper that can be cut by the device. Most products are adjustable in size, but in any case there is a specific size limit. If you have already determined the maximum size of the material to be cut, you need to pay attention to the number of sheets of paper that the machine will cut at one time. There's quite a span here. Therefore, if we know that we will need more cards, it is worth checking this parameter carefully.

Another important issue is pressure. When using the guillotine, the material must be properly pressed down so that all the sheets of paper can be cut off. The simplest models use manual pressure. This means that we hold the special slat still and then operate the lever. In more advanced products we operate automatically, i.e. with a blade handle. There are also newer models that have additional facilities, such as a laser line pointer on which we will cut sheets of paper.

The size of the device is also important. What equipment we choose depends, among other things, on the space we have. If we have large rooms, we can provide our office with a larger model.

Where to buy a paper guillotine?

Paper guillotines can be found in many online shops. One of them is the Alibiuro website. The company distributes office accessories, multifunctional equipment such as printers and scanners, office furniture. The store also offers the best quality paper guillotine. shop It conducts both retail and wholesale sales.