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February 23, 2024 11:35pm

14 things that will change in your life since you start cycling

If you've got a passion for bicycles, that's great. But have you been fully warned of any and all the inevitable changes that will come in your life and be associated with this wonderful and new passion?

The passion for bicycle is no exception - with each passing day, a person is more and more screwed up in the subject.

So what is likely to happen to all cyclists who are just starting to ride on the bike and only during their first year of interest in riding?

1. the brain will switch to the "bike" function

The world of bicycles will fulfill all dreams and thoughts. You will think about the bike, the route, accessories, clothes and gadgets that you can buy as absolutely essential.

2. there is sometimes pain

After the first rides, you will quickly find out that you are hurt in places that you did not assume existed. And so hard, you won't be able to walk. Pain is something that's with a passion for bikes in the package.

3. there will be a change of priorities

You will realize very quickly that you would spend all your money on your passion for cycling, even if it means giving up other pleasures.

4. your asses will get numb

You'll probably be wearing regular leggings or shorts during your first ride. That's when you'll come to the conclusion that the pads in your bike shorts are a blessing. Life will become simpler and your ass less sore.

5. conversations and thoughts will be filled with bicycle issues

You can apologize to your friends and family in advance. Because cycling and the bike itself will be the number one of your calls. Even or maybe especially when it comes to weekend plans.

6. Say good-bye to the vacancy

When it comes to bicycle clothing, it is very varied and stylish. It's easy to go crazy in these conditions. Then it soon turns out that bicycle clothes need a new wardrobe, because they don't fit anywhere else.

7. a bicycle is something that has a role to play

No matter what the bike is. New or old, clean or dirty, lovely or not. It is important what role he plays. Because it will soon turn out that one bike is not enough, if each of them is suitable for one role only, and yet why limit yourself to one type of bicycle ride.

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8. the legs will change forever

Cyclist's markers are scratches, chain marks reflected on the calf, bruises and the rider's tan. These are the traces that are always visible and always inspire the understanding of other riders.

9. you will discover how big the world is

It doesn't matter if you ride a bike far or near. And so there will be new and undiscovered places. After all, all roads are open to the man.

10. It will come to your attention that love is coming

Few people initially realize that a bicycle can be loved. You can miss it, take care of it and have fun with it. You can also call him affectionately.

11. your house will gain a bicycle style

You can't refrain from manifesting your passion for cycling at home as well. Even if it's only about wipers with a bicycle theme.

12. you'll discover a great WD40

Cleaning dirt and mud has probably not been a favorite activity before. But it's different when it comes to cleaning and washing our bicycle. It's really pure pleasure.

13. you will be interested in mechanics

Allen wrenches are the greatest helper and companion. Thanks to the set of necessary tools you will be able to transform yourself into a novice mechanic and deepen your knowledge over time.

14. the greater the distance, the greater the love

Until you miss your bike, you won't know how much you love it. And once you find out, you'll begin to appreciate all the moments you spend with your bike.