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July 21, 2024 12:19am

Is the classic single calendar still functional?

Nowadays many people choose electronic versions of calendars and time organizers. Despite this, single calendars often appear in our offices, flats or houses. Their use has many advantages. Not only do they train your memory and improve your creativity, but they don't need batteries to work - unlike electronic solutions. What is more, personalized calendars have become an amazing form of advertising and promotion of companies. Thanks to them, the memory of the company will remain in the hands of potential customers for the whole year.

Wall-mounted calendar

On the market we can find a wide range of wall calendars in many configurations, and in them the most popular, i.e. single-sided versions. These are very neat, professional products. They consist of a head and back. Many companies offer their personalisation according to individual projects. This service is used by many manufacturers and brands that want to impress, win, or keep their customers professionally made one wall calendar. Companies place their logos and graphic signs on them. Due to the fact that the calendar is used throughout the year, it is an ideal marketing solution that will remain in the memory of those interested for a long time.

Calendar with photo

Wide personalization of the calendars with photos, graphics and other illustrations is their undeniable advantage. This makes it possible to create individual projects that will be fun all year round. Wedding photos, which are an amazing souvenir of this important day, are very popular. Calendars can also serve as above-average gifts for a variety of occasions. They are ideal for loud eighteen, presenting important events from the life of a young adult. In addition, they will be an extraordinary opportunity to present the moments we have experienced together as a gift for the anniversary. Parents often post photos of their children, their four-legged charges, vacation or other occasions. Surely, one-off calendars with photos will be a pleasure for everyone and a souvenir for a very long time.

In turn, companies use this aspect and modify calendars with photos of buildings, employees, plants. They directly and discreetly present their potential to the client and at the same time build their image. They show the brand from its best side, they profit from their professionalism, and as a result the customers trust them more. In the offer of many printing houses you can find not only single wall calendars but also poster, tripartite, book, desk, leaf and other versions.


Clocked calendar

An electronic clock can also be added to the single calendar. It is a multifunctional, convenient and practical solution. It is suitable both for use as well as for decoration in an apartment or office. Moreover, it is an irreplaceable and above-average company gadget. It will delight every customer, and consequently the company will build a strong and good relationship with them.

What is the price of the single calendar?

The price of the single calendar depends on many factors. The first of these is the material of which the product is made. High quality raw materials and thick weights guarantee bright and full colors and very good durability. The quality of workmanship undoubtedly influences the price of the calendar. There is no doubt that more expensive and at the same time more solid products will be used for a longer period of time and will not destroy themselves as quickly as cheaper versions. Another aspect is any modification. They are enriched with additional foils, which have a shiny effect on colours and have a protective function. Often overlooked factor that also affects the final value of the product is its binding. The best companies offer spiral, durable solutions. The price of single calendars in their basic versions is about 20 PLN, and in the modified and improved version it can reach even 100 PLN.

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