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May 19, 2024 2:18pm

Mobile photography: summer trends

The brands draw inspiration from current visual trends for their communication purposes: the photos must show moments of life, be spontaneous and dynamic. How best to meet these requirements? Especially as their market value has recently become increasingly surprising. It turns out that a holiday trip is the perfect time to take pictures. Fotolia, the leading image bank for "new generation" photography (Instant Collection), presents the biggest trends in mobile photography.

Every day, we share about 550 million photos in social media, and this number increases as sunny days and holidays come. This phenomenon is also adapted by companies which, in order to seduce and encourage new customers online, draw inspiration from their iconographic codes in visual communication, which is particularly visible in the Internet and social media. In response to this trend, the Fotolia photo bank, in 2013, has developed the Fotolia Instant mobile app, which allows smartphone users to easily sell their most beautiful photos, and those waiting for customers in the Fotolia photo bank. Currently, there are over 150,000 published photographs, collected in a special Instant Collection. As a pioneer in the promotion of phoneography, Fotolia has analysed this market and Instant's best-selling images and identified four great trends for 2015.


This is the icon of mobile images and it is impossible for major brands not to notice this trend. Undoubtedly, the 2015 season will still belong to the popular "sweetfoot", photos of this type sold perfectly in 2014, and the fashion for them seems to be passing by. - Please note that the camera should not be used on the front of the smartphone (except for a few models recently launched and specially developed for "selfie"), due to reduced image quality, which directly affects its sales potential," advises Morgan David de Lossy, responsible for Fotolia's strategy in the mobile segment.

Holiday photo

Eternal youth

Science is working on it... Visual trends accept it as a fact. - Images that carry the spirit of youth are symbols of unity of experience and creativity, knowledge and innovation, a combination that seduces many companies - comments Morgan David de Lossy.

Carpe diem, life is a beautiful game

You know, youth is a challenge, even greater when you have a smartphone in your hand. There are no limits to the situations you can photograph with your phone. - Photos that stand out with boldness (or insolence) or humour are the ones most sought after by brands that want to introduce new energy into their communication, more spontaneous and dynamic, such as where you can see the concepts of play and pleasure," adds Morgan.

Colours, positive energy and spontaneity

The consumer must feel as if he has moved into an authentic universe, yet at the same time so positively and colorfully that he can break with his daily routine. - No model or actor will be good enough to compete with the realism of real life moments captured in the lens. Only colourful moments, positive and spontaneous, without acting, concludes Fotolia's head of mobile strategy.