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July 20, 2024 10:54pm

Photographs, or pictures on canvas

Do you prefer original interior decorations? Or maybe you prefer something personalised, e.g. an image made like a photograph? If so, it is essential to find out what the photos on canvas are and what decorative effect you can achieve with their help.

What are the pictures?

The photos on canvas, that is, colloquially photo-imagesis a modern wall decoration that you can hang in your apartment, house or office. It consists in applying a pattern from the photo to a cotton or polyester fabric, which is then stretched on a painting loom (stretcher). Thanks to this method of making the photos on canvas look like authentic images, giving a very interesting decorative effect. It is an offer for people who put on unusual and interesting arrangements. Any photos taken in high quality can be printed on canvas. Whether it's a photograph of a child or a wedding, or a landscape or portrait, or even a film or theatre poster.

Photographs can be printed on different thicknesses of looms, but most often a 2 or 4 cm thick stretcher is used. The sides of such an image can be printed with a pattern from the photo, which gives the impression of three-dimensionality, or left white. The dimensions of such decorations may vary and depend on the individual offer of companies dealing with canvas prints. One of the largest companies in this industry, the Printing Gallery, offers photo-images with dimensions from 30x30cm to a width of even 150cm: This width corresponds to the width of a roughly double bed.

How about the pictures?

When planning to buy interesting decorations for your apartment or office you can also bet on fashionable pictures. These are wall decorations made with the same technique as the photo-images, but here the patterns are ready, so you choose them as finished. This is a good alternative to posters that are printed on perishable and damage-sensitive paper. Sometimes it is worthwhile to pay extra and invest in something permanent, which will not be destroyed so easily.

The aforementioned company, Galeria Druku, runs a huge online shop, which offers canvas and photo images. There are really many patterns. Both the lover of the photographic panorama of New York and the lover of geometric abstraction in the Canadian style will find something in his taste. These are also paintings on canvas depicting charming landscapes and art in a vintage climate. For example old cars, classic interiors, retro-style details, etc. The shop also offers paintings on canvas presenting African art, photographs of animals (horses, wolves, marine mammals) and various variations on maps. Such a decoration is easy to pin down by marking visited or dreamed up corners of the world.

Canvas paintings in different styles

Images from photos can be easily filtered due to room style, type or style. The producers from Galeria Druku thought of people who are not looking for a particular design, but for a graphic design that matches their Scandinavian living room or bedroom in glamour style. The shop also offers paintings on canvas for those who want to complete the arrangement in rustic, industrial, colonial, boho, Provencal and modern styles.

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